I know.. it's 2019


I know it’s 2019, the end of the fifth month of 2019 to be exact. How cliché of me to say- but honestly, where has the time gone? I said I was going to blog monthly, and for a little bit, I did blog about what I shot in the months before.. but not until months later. LOL. Then I stopped completely! Keeping myself to a routine has never been my strong suit - I’m a freelancer, what can I say?

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, first of all, what are you doing? Follow me. Second, you may have missed some of the fun things I have been shooting from the end of 2018 to the beginning of 2019. Sharing a little highlight from that time frame below!

xox Sarah

Table Magazine F/W 18/19

Wanderlust & Wardrobes

Visited Toronto to see my absolute favorite musician, Ben Howard

My first project with The Oaklander Hotel - Making construction zones look chic with Elysia

Terra #1


Megan x Bri

Second Oaklander project - with Jenna Boron of Balance and Chaos

Kristi Boutqiue

Terra #2

Ruhling Woven x Style 412 Store-ies

Visited Paris to meet up with family living south of the city


Jessa - Wavy Alabaster (WE BACK!!! and with a new addition)

Christina - Style by Christina

Allies Ball 2019 Promo Shoot for Allies for Health & Wellbeing

Bri Mattise - Makeup artist

Sarah Collins