What's in a name?

Why the name Rose Colored Creative?

The physical name Rose Colored Creative stemmed from multiple objectives. I wanted to create a brand that encourages femininity, embraces individuality and promotes positivity and authenticity. 

I was previously operating a business under my full name - Sarah Collins Photography. However, the name just did not feel like me... ironic, right? The decision to drop photography and add creative was an absolute must. I felt photography was limiting myself to just taking pictures. I certainly didn't want to limit myself, instead I wanted to be able to create a brand that over time could blossom into its full potential, like a budding rose. 

A few months ago I was hanging out with a friend and brainstorming potential names for my business with the goals for the name: colorful, creative, girly, happy. My friend and former co-worker, Kate, owner of Highway Robbery Vintage, actually came up with the name Rose Colored Creative. I immediately thought of the idiom, rose-colored glasses and how relatable that could be to photography. Throughout our creative process we want our work to be seen in a positive light, just like seeing life through rose-colored lenses. 

Come see life and fashion in Pittsburgh through rose-colored lenses with Rose Colored Creative.

xx Sarah

PS Can we talk about how great my logo is? It was such a pleasure working with Christine of Swell Design Co. Check her out --> wereswell.com

Sarah Collins